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This webpage is a place for things that aren't necessarily related to each other, and may not have been featured in videos, but are worth sharing.


My 2019 Niro EV Torque Pro Setup

The ZIP file linked below contains the dashboard layout of my 2019 Niro EV Torque Pro installation as well as the PID setup. These files will apply to the 2019 to 2022 Niro EV, but may also apply to the new 2023 Niro EV.

If you need to learn how to import this stuff, please do a Google search as I do not have instructions written out, nor are they in a video.


2022 UPDATE: The *.dash layout file location has changed since Android 12 came out. Previously the Torque files, including dash and vehicles, were located at this location: \PhoneName\Internal storage\.TORQUE
Since the Android 12 update the new file l
ocation is: 
This new l
ocation is not accessible unless you use a proper file browser called X-Plore.

2023-01-30 UPDATE: Previously the phone never needed to be rooted. I tried to locate the files in Android 13, but can no longer access the location. I found a forum where they indicate that the files are now back to being in the internal storage, but I have not tested this:

How to add PID files in Torque Pro:
Configure file browser to show hidden phone folders.
Go to the hidden folder ".torque"

Go to the folder called "extendedpids". You need to create it if it does not exist.
Copy your PID files to the "extendedpids" folder.
Open Torque app -> Setting -> Additional PID control -> Add new set -> Choose your PID files

You can add the Dashboard layout to the "dashboards" folder.

PID and Layout Files: 

Click to download

To learn more about Torque Pro and the Niro EV you can watch this video:

Kia Niro EV Secret Tech Information

2023-01-30 Jay's Inverter.jpg

Jay Kinnard's Niro EV Inverter Installation

A viewer of my YouTube channel has a Niro EV and wanted to add V2L functionality so he installed an inverter. If you have ever wondered how to install a DC-to-AC inverter in your Kia or Hyundai EV, then this may be of use to you. Thanks to Jay for all of his work in creating this PDF document for you.


Neither I, nor Jay the creator of this PDF, can be held responsible for any modifications that you perform on your vehicle. Nor can we be held responsible for any damage that may occur by performing this modification. This guide is simply for information purposes and is not to be taken as an official how-to instruction guide.


Jay's PDF Inverter Install Guide:

Click to download

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