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Products I use - Kia EV6

The products listed below are things that I use with my Kia EV6. Some items are only available in North America, please make sure to verify if the item you are interested in is available in your region.

* NOTE: I cannot buy any products and ship them to you, even if you were to pay in advance. Unfortunately the number of requests I receive would make this impossible to manage. Sorry.

** FULL DISCLOSURE: Any item that is linked to Amazon is an Amazon Affiliate link. If you visit Amazon with one of my links, and if you buy anything on Amazon while there, I will make a very tiny commission at no cost to you. So thank you in advance if you buy anything on Amazon when using one of my links. Note that these links do not affect the price you pay in any way.

Fast EV05.png

Fast Wheels EV05

Back in 2019 I had bought Fast Wheels for my Niro EV and loved them. This time I opted for a new Fast EV wheel from Fastco, the EV05, for my winter use.

Fast Wheels website:

See the EV05 in this video:

Continental VikingContact 7.png

Continental VikingContact 7 winter tire

Since I got the new Fast EV05 wheels from Fastco for my winter use I needed winter tires to go with them. I had looked into 3 brands of tire and ended up settling on the Continental VikingContact 7. If you would like to know why I chose this tire, check out the video below.

VikingContact 7 Web page:

See the Continental VikingContact 7 in this video:

Tuxmat car mats for EV6.png

Tuxmat car mats

I bought Tuxmat car mats in 2019, for both my Niro EV and my wife's Soul EV and made a video that they were the best car mats I had ever owned. I bought the new version of the Tuxmats for my new Kia EV6 and love them.

Amazon link to the Tuxmat store:

Tuxmat website:

See the product review in this video:

Tuxmat Trunk Liner.png

Tuxmat Trunk Liner

The tuxmat trunk liner is the Kia EV6 accessory I did not know I needed until I got it. If you don't want to worry about having a hard time vacuuming wood splinters, or other junk, out of the trunk, or if you want to protect the plastic in the trunk, then I strongly suggest getting the Tuxmat trunk liner.

Amazon link to the Tuxmat store:

Tuxmat website:

See the product review in this video:

MaCapuche EV6.jpg

MaCapuche Charge Port Protection - For EV6 and much more 

When charging your car during winter, snow & ice can fill the charge port. There are 2 excellent solutions made in Québec that solve this problem. has a great port cover for the EV6 and many other models of cars. The video below is about the Niro EV cover.

MaCapuche Website: All products (

See how useful this product is in this video:

Home Charging - EVSEs and Port Covers

Viofo T130.png

Viofo T130 - 3 Channel Dashcam

The Viofo T130 3 channel dashcam offers a 2K front camera plus a 1080 rear camera as well as a 1080 inside camera that can pivot to one side. It offers audio recording as well as WiFi connectivity to allow you to configure the settings, view live video, or view recorded videos that are stored on the microSD card.

Amazon link to the product:

Viofo direct website:

See the product review in this video:

Viofo HK4.png

Viofo HK4 Hardwire Kit for T130

The HK4 hardwire kit allows the T130 dashcam to have parking mode which will record video and audio even when the car is powered off. When used with a fuse tap kit the installation is 100% reversible and no cutting of the car wires is required.

Link to the product at Viofo:

See the product review in this video:

Fuse Tap Kit.png

Micro2 Fuse Tap Kit

The Kia EV6 and Kia Niro EV use Micro2 type fuses. The fuse tap kit allows for a non-invasive installation of the dashcam, making the installation fully reversible while keeping the protection of the car equipment and adding power and a fuse for the dashcam.

Amazon link to the product:

See the product review in this video:

Viofo CPL.png

Viofo CPL for T130

With the CPL reflections in the windshield of the car are eliminated from recordings of the T130 dashcam. In my opinion this should be included with every dashcam and not an option.

Link to the product at Viofo:

See the product review in this video:

Viofo Remote.png

Viofo Bluetooth Remote for T130

The Bluetooth remote makes saving T130 recordings easy. No need to stretch to press the button on the dashcam, simply place this remote close to your hand and saving a recording is a snap. Very convenient and discrete.

Amazon link to the product:

See the product review in this video:

Lexar 128GB microSD.png

Lexar 128GB microSDxc

You don't need to spend a ton of money on a memory card, just buy a good brand that is UHS1/Class10. I bought this Lexar 128GB 633x microSD and it works perfectly with the T130. You can also buy the Viofo branded memory cards, but they are more expensive.

Amazon link to the product:

See the product review in this video:

Console Tray.png

Center console organizer tray 

The armrest of the EV6 is very deep, which is useful, but if you want to keep smaller items close for easy access the storage is not very convenient. Ian Talbot from an EV6 Facebook group bought this item and suggested that I try it. Ordered, it arrived in 24 hours, and it is now being used in my EV6. I will make a review video about it because there are some things I like and there is one thing I don't like.

Amazon link to the product:

See the product review in this video:


Flo X5 Smart Charging Station - Web Connected

I have a small business and it was important that I continue to deduct "fuel" expenses for business use. I chose the Québec made Flo X5 smart station. It has a Web page with an abundance of information and settings, as well as e-mailing me a detailed report of each charging session, to the 1000th of a kW, with the time and date.

On Amazon: Flo X5 charging station

See this product in the video below:

Home Charging - EVSEs and Port Covers


Veepeak Bluetooth OBD2 Adapter for Android

This OBD2 device is the Android only version. Unfortunately, the Torque Pro app is only available on Android and I have not been told of a quality equivalent for iOS.

On Amazon:

To learn more about this device watch this video:

Kia Niro EV Secret Tech Information


Windshield Snow and Ice Cover

Something you take for granted in a gas car in the winter, is the heat created by the motor. The heat melts snow and ice that accumulates at the bottom of the windshield where the wipers are. In an electric car you don't have a giant heater under the hood so snow and ice accumulate where the wipers are and it can be pretty difficult to clean out. A viewer was kind enough to share a link to a product he bought, a windshield protector that also covers the wiper area. I bought two of them, one for me and one for my wife, and love them.

I will make a video about it eventually.

NOTE: This is the same one I used on the Niro EV. Because the EV6 is wider, and the windscreen is a bit taller, this cover must be placed a bit lower on the windshield and is a tight fit, but it does work and cover the important bits. If I were to buy another one I would get a slightly taller and wider version for the EV6.

Amazon link to the product:


La Station Verte GDC-LS30 - Not Web connected

I wanted to try another Québec made brand charging station for my wife's Soul EV. The GDC-LS30 is a smart station, but not Web connected. All details of charging sessions are on the screen, it offers PINs to lock it from public use, and is made with outstanding quality.

La Station Verte Website: GDC-LS30

See this product in the video below:

Home Charging - EVSEs and Port Covers

Image - Hertel Plus.png

Biodegradable Cleaner - Hertel Plus

I use a Québec made cleaning product for my car mats, tires, and other automotive needs. Hertel plus comes in smaller and larger bottles and is biodegradable.

Canadian Tire Website: Hertel Plus

See this product in the video below:

EQ 010 - New Tuxmats after 1 Year

Flo X5
VeePeak OBD2
Windshield cover
Console Organizer
Viofo T130 Dashcm
Viofo HK4 Hardwire Kit
Micro2 Fuse Tap Kit
Viofo CPL
Viofo Bluetooth Remote
Lexar 128GB microSD
Tuxmat floor mats
Tuxmat trunk liner
Fast Wheels EV05
Winter Tires
Hertel Plus
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