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Products I have used - Kia Niro EV

The products listed below are things that I used with my Niro EV, and I have made videos about several of them. Some items are only available in North America, please make sure to verify if the item you are interested in is available in your region.

* NOTE: I cannot buy any products and ship them to you, even if you were to pay in advance. Unfortunately the number of requests I receive would make this impossible to manage. Sorry.

** FULL DISCLOSURE: Any item that is linked to Amazon is an Amazon Affiliate link. If you visit Amazon with one of my links, and if you buy anything on Amazon while there, I will make a very tiny commission. So thank you in advance if you buy anything on Amazon when using one of my links. Note that these links do not affect the price you pay in any way.


Camwipe for Kia Niro - Reverse Camera is always clean

The Kia Niro has an advantage of the reverse camera being below the rear wiper pivot point. A smart guy named Eldar Ibisevic invented the Camwipe so you never have to wipe off the rear camera with your fingers!

Amazon Camwipe store:

Camwipe Website:

Here are the videos I made about it:

1) Kia Niro EV Backup Camera - Fixed

2) Camwipe Update

3) EQ 002 - Camwipe new version


EVOBD2 Module - Plug & Play Hidden EV Information

As much as I like all the possibilities of the Torque Pro Android app that I reviewed previously, the setup is complicated. Jean-Pierre Lavoie invented this little device to let you see a lot of hidden EV information that can be seen with Torque Pro and it is completely plug and play.
EVOBD2 Website:

Watch this video to see how useful it is:
NO SKILLS REQUIRED! Kia Niro EV Secret Tech Info


Ma Capuche charge port protection for the Niro EV (and more)

When charging your car during winter, snow & ice can fill the charge port. There are 2 excellent solutions made in Québec that solve this problem. has a great port cover for the Niro EV and other cars.

MaCapuche Website: All products (

See how useful this product is in this video:

Home Charging - EVSEs and Port Covers


EcoDome charge port protection for the Niro EV (and more)

When charging your car outside in the winter, snow & ice can fill the charge port area. There are 2 excellent solutions made in Québec that solve this problem. Alex Industries has a great port cover for the Niro EV and other cars.

Eco-Dome Website: ECO-DOME – Alex Industries

See how useful this product is in this video:

Home Charging - EVSEs and Port Covers


Fast Wheels EV01+ wheels made for electric cars

In 2019 found that Fast Wheels, a Canadian company, made wheels specifically for electric cars. When I saw them, I fell in love and ordered a set. They are light, efficient at speed, and in my opinion, look amazing.

Fast Wheels: EV01+ Web page

I made 2 videos about these wheels:

1) Wheels Made for Electric Cars!

2) Fast EV01+ Wheels on Kia Niro EV


Flo X5 Smart Charging Station - Web Connected

I have a small business and it was important that I continue to deduct "fuel" expenses for business use. I chose the Québec made Flo X5 smart station. It has a Web page with an abundance of information and settings, as well as e-mailing me a detailed report of each charging session, to the 1000th of a kW, with the time and date.

On Amazon: Flo X5 charging station

See this product in the video below:

Home Charging - EVSEs and Port Covers


La Station Verte GDC-LS30 - Not Web connected

I wanted to try another Québec made brand charging station for my wife's Soul EV. The GDC-LS30 is a smart station, but not Web connected. All details of charging sessions are on the screen, it offers PINs to lock it from public use, and is made with outstanding quality.

La Station Verte Website: GDC-LS30

See this product in the video below:

Home Charging - EVSEs and Port Covers

Bolt47 AGM Battery.png

AGM Replacement 12V Battery

The 12V battery in the Niro EV, Soul EV, Kona Electric and Ioniq Electric, is a small capacity and low power lead acid battery. Many people have reported it not lasting and I am part of that crowd, but my issue stems from the fact that I had a dual dashcam setup that ran 24/7 and the small original battery is not good enough to support my setup for longer periods of time when it is -25C.

* IMPORTANT: The battery linked below is slightly wider than the original. This means that the plastic battery tray needs to be trimmed on the driver side, to remove the edge, to allow the battery to fit. Before selling my Niro EV I had the battery for 1 year and had no issues since the battery is held in by the three other sides and the retaining bar on the front edge; it did not moved at all.

* DISCLAIMER: I take no responsibility for any modifications you perform on your car, or have done to your car.

Link to the battery I bought:

Video where I show the battery:

Niro EV Things I Hate:


Tuxmat Car Mats - Not just for the Niro EV

I have owned many cars over 35 years and have had many kinds of car mats. I can honestly say that the Tuxmat car mats are the best I have ever owned. store: Amazon store link

Tuxmat Website:

Here are the 3 videos I made about them:

1) Tuxmat original review video
2) Tuxmat after 1 year
3) EQ 001 - Tuxmat 2 years


Niro EV Front Trunk from

Tesla reintroduced the world to the front trunk in 2012 with the Model S. It is only in more recent years that new EVs include the frunk feature, but this company from Austria invented a great product for the Niro EV, Soul EV (2020+), and the Kona Electric.

Frunk Website:

Here is the video: Add a Frunk to a Kia Niro EV!


Thule Roof Rack and Cargo Box

If your EV is not rated for towing, like the Niro EV in Canada, you may need extra storage for trips. There are different roof racks and cargo box options, but I chose the Thule brand for the quality and parts availability over time.

Thule Website:

Here is the video: Kia Niro EV Roof Rack & Cargo Box


Carbon Cabin Filter for the Niro and Ioniq* (97133-2E250)

This is the second Niro EV cabin filter I bought, the better version. Kia part number 97133-2E250. This fits the 2019+ Kia Niro and the *2020+ Hyundai Ioniq.

On Amazon:

To learn more about this product watch this video:

Niro EV Maintenance - Part 2 of 2


Cabin Air Filter for Kia Soul (97133-B2000)

The HEPA Carbon cabin filter that I used in my wife's 2019 Kia Soul EV is no longer available at a reasonable price so this alternative is the part to buy. The Kia part number is 97133-B2000 and it fits all 2015 to 2019 Kia Soul models.

On Amazon:

Here is the video I made about how to swap the filter... my wife does it :-)

Niro EV Maintenance - Part 2 of 2


Viofo A129 Duo Dashcam Kit - Front and Rear Cameras

I have had a dash cam in my car for over 10 years. When I got my Niro EV I got a new dual dash cam since my old one died after many years of reliable use. The Viofo A129 Duo offers 1080 HD video with excellent quality at a reasonable price. Although available from other suppliers I chose this one since they are an official Canadian supplier that will honor the warranty if anything was to go wrong.

I never made a video about this.

On Amazon: Viofo A129 Duo


Viofo HK3ACC Hardwire Kit for A129 and A119V3

The Viofo A129 dashcam has parking mode that records video 24/7 to offer extra protection. It requires this hardwire kit to be enabled.

I also recommend buying the fuse tap kit to make the installation fully reversible, no cutting and splicing.

On Amazon: Viofo hardwire kit


Gebildet Micro2 Fuse Tap Kit - No cutting or splicing needed

I bought this kit to allow installation of the Viofo A129 dash cam without any wire cutting or splicing. This kit makes the installation plug and play as well as fully reversible, no cutting and splicing of the original wiring needed.

On Amazon: Fuse tap kit for Niro EV


Samsung EVO Plus 64GB MicroSD used in dash cam

This is the MicroSD memory card I use in my Viofo A129 Duo dash cam setup. There is no valid reasonto buy a "special" memory card. I used a cheap, regular MicroSD for 7 years in my previous dash cam and never had a problem.

I did not make a video about this since there are lots of channels that are specialized in cameras.

On Amazon: Samsung EVO 64GB Micro SD


Windshield Snow and Ice Cover

Something you take for granted in a gas car in the winter, is the heat created by the motor. The heat melts snow and ice that accumulates at the bottom of the windshield where the wipers are. In an electric car you don't have a giant heater under the hood so snow and ice accumulate where the wipers are and it can be pretty difficult to clean out. A viewer was kind enough to share a link to a product he bought, a windshield protector that also covers the wiper area. I bought two of them, one for me and one for my wife, and love them.

I will make a video about it eventually.

Amazon link to the product:


Hood Struts for the Kia Niro - EV and other models

The Niro is a great car, but when it is -20C and dark outside, fiddling with the little hood prop is a pain when all you want to do is put windscreen washer fluid in the car. These inexpensive hood struts are very easy to install and are very inexpensive.

AliExpress: Hood strut order page

Watch my video on how to install them in 15 minutes:

Hood Struts for the Kia Niro EV


Lumenex LED Reverse Bulbs for the Kia Niro (and other cars)

Although the Niro EV (e-Niro) is a great car, the reverse lights are very small, very low, and use incandescent bulbs that look like they are from the 70s, making reversing in the dark no fun at all. The Lumenex 921 LED lights make the reverse lights incredibly bright.

Diesel LEDs Website: Lumenex 921 kit

Watch this video to see how good they are:

Kia Niro EV - Fix a lighting problem


Nokian One - All Season Tires made for North America

When the time came for me to buy new all season tires for my summer driving, I had lots of questions. Since there were no videos about summer tires for EVs  with smaller wheels I decided to make one to help others with similar questions. After doing some research I ended up buying Nokian One tires for my Niro EV and love them.

Nokian Website: Nokian One tires

Here is the video:

Tires for Electric Vehicles

Vgate OBD2.png

Vgate-LPHUS Bluetooth 4.0 OBDII Adapter

When I updated my EVOBD2 device to firmware 2.02u my VeePeak (see below) would no longer connect to the device. The inventor of the EVOBD2 suggested that I use this Vgate adapter and it has been flawless ever since.

Another advantage of this unit is that it works with both Android and iOS

Get it on Amazon: Vgate-LPHUS Bluetooth 4.0 OBDII adapter 


Veepeak Bluetooth OBD2 Adapter for Android

This OBD2 device is the Android only version. Unfortunately, the Torque Pro app is only available on Android and I have not been told of a quality equivalent for iOS.

On Amazon:

To learn more about this device watch this video:

Kia Niro EV Secret Tech Information

Image - Hertel Plus.png

Biodegradable Cleaner - Hertel Plus

I use a Québec made cleaning product for my car mats, tires, and other automotive needs. Hertel plus comes in smaller and larger bottles and is biodegradable.

Canadian Tire Website: Hertel Plus

See this product in the video below:

EQ 010 - New Tuxmats after 1 Year

Niro Filter
Soul Filter
Dash cam
Hardwire kit
Fuse tap kit
FastWheels EV01+
Hood struts
Flo X5
Lumenex LEDs
Nokian One Tires
12V AGM Battery
Windshield cover
Vgate OBD2
VeePeak OBD2
Hertel Plus
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