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For those who may have missed my 2023 April Fool's joke website, below is a recreation of what it looked like. It celebrated my transition from sissy electrons to pure dino-juice.
2023 April Fool's Web Image.png
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This is my next vehicle, I am just waiting for the dinosaur dealership to confirm the arrival of the next dead dino so I can fuel up. I also like the fact that I can be a spy and smoke out any enemies following me.
A friend of mine fixing the air near his house. It was way too clear and you could see way to far to our liking. This solved the problem and now my kids a coughing like they should.
Test camping weekend with a small truck, just to get used to the excellent view in traffic. I love it when my clothes and skin turn black while I drive!


Montréal - Québec - Canada

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